Festool DX 93 Detail Sanders

Sanding in small areas can be very difficult and time consuming. Not only can spots like corners and curved surfaces be difficult to reach, it is also a lot of effort to get the surface just the way you want it. For jobs like this, a detail sander made specifically for tight spaces is what you need. Festool has crafted the Deltex 93 for just this purpose and like all Festool tools, this sander does not disappoint.
Sanding Pad Design
The DX 93 features a triangular sanding pad that is specially designed for hard to reach areas. The equal angle corners on the sanding head allow you to get the most out of your sandpaper, and get full use out of all three corners. The Stickfix hook and loop design makes changing sandpaper simple, and is constructed from resilient materials that extend pad life. Hard and soft sanding pads can be used with the DX 93, as well as an extended-length pad for sanding even the smallest of nooks and crannies, such as louvers.
Power and Versatility
The Deltex does not lack for power either. A gear driven, high torque design gives you the power you need no matter what the task at hand. Couple this with the variable speed settings, and you have the perfect tool for the job every time. An extra long thirteen foot cord is included, a nice touch that offers even more convenience.
Integrated Dust Extraction
No Festool tool review would be complete without mentioning the dust collection capabilities. The DX 93 features integrated dust extraction that is popular with all Festool products. This feature virtually eliminates mess while you work. The sanding pads channel dust efficiently to the hose port at the rear, storing sawdust before it can coat your work surface.

Image of Festool DX 93 Detail Sanders

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Our Opinion of It
When it comes to detail sanders, the DX 93 detail sander is the cream of the crop. This product lives up to the proud Festool name with ease, and is simply the best sander out there that is specifically designed for small spaces.