What is the Best Detail Sander on the Market?

best-detail-sanderThe detail sander has an atypical shape. At first, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is to the observing eye. It is a type of finishing sander that is able to reach corners and hard-to-reach places. Its main purpose is to rough out uneven surfaces and smoothen it out.

Detail Sander Buying Guide

If you on the market for a detail sander then those tips will help you get the best detail sander money can buy.

1. Usage

Before even considering buying a detail sander, you have to assess your project and job you are working on. The type of detail sander – including the price you are paying for must be appropriate for the job you have at hand. If you are mostly working on small projects, then a cheap and smaller detail sander will suffice. However, for larger projects or if you plan to use the detail sander daily, you can go ahead and buy the best of the best out there.

2. Type

It is important to understand the type of sander that you will need. The detail sander is a type of finishing sander that while similar to other finishing sanders, has its own forte and disadvantages. For example, the random orbital sander is a type of sander that excels at polishing and removing layers fast and easy while the orbital finishing sander is a detail sander that is slower and delivers a more polished work.

3. Surface

The surface you are working on is an important aspect of consideration. If you work mostly on hard surface, that tend to be rough and uneven, then you’d be best choosing a random orbital sander. For metal polishing, a metal finishing sander as its name suggests will do a great job.

4. Corded or Cordless

If you require portability, then a cordless detail sander will perfectly fit the bill. However, for sheer power and efficiency, a corded sander will work wonders. Depending on the type of work and place of work, you will need to choose an appropriate type.

5. Versatility

Not all detail sanders are the same. Some models are more versatile than others – allowing it to host different sandpaper sizes and shapes.

6. Ease of Use

Since using a detail sander requires speediness, choose a model that is easy to use and offers features like fast changing of the pad.

7. Weight

An extremely important aspect. The weight of the detail sander will play a considerable role on how long you can use the device. The heavier it is, the more cumbersome it will become when used for long hours.

However, a weighty detail sander will require less force be applied and can get the job done fast and more effectively that a lighter one. You will need to find the right balance of weight and usage – and it will largely depend on your own future use of this power tool.

8. Ergonomics

Your detail sander must feel good in the hand. This is especially reasonable if you are planning to use the detail sander for long periods of time. Look for features like comfortable handles and a shape that fits the hand.

Review 3 Best Detail Sanders

Here is a brief review of some of the best detail sanders on the market.

1. Ryobi One+

ryobi-one-detail-sanderThe one+ has a minimalist look as well as sports a good set of features. Its uniquely shaped pad allows it to reach corners with great ease and the relatively light weight makes it a great companion for long hours of sanding.

It can perform an impressive 11,000 orbits per minute, which is a lot considering its small form factor. It is also pleasantly colored in an attractive deep blue.

Its low price, great ergonomics and detachable attachments make this model an instant favorite amongst many beginners who sand casually. If you are looking for an affordable detail sander then you cannot go wrong with the Ryobi One+.

2. Black&Decker BDEMS600

blackdecker-bdems600For those looking at the bottom of the barrel in terms of price and still require a performing detail sander, you cannot go wrong with this model – nicknamed the mouse.

Indeed, the mouse can reach almost any small corners and tight spots and is very easy to use. If has adjustments of hand position as well as sports a zippy 1.2A motor that can do an incredible 14,000 orbits per minute.

This is an exceptional buy for those who are budget oriented. Absolutely no regrets guaranteed with this model from Black & Decker.

The only nit-picking we can do with this model is that is it cheaply built – but that is to be expected considering its jaw-droopingly low price.

3. Bosch 1294VSK

bosch-1294vskIf you require a little more oomph with your detail sander – the Bosch 1294VSK is here to the rescue.

It sports a beefy 2.3A motor that can perform 19,000 orbits per minute. This is more than enough for anyone require polishing. It also has adjustable speed control that will give you more maneuverability and ease of use from material to material.

It comes delivered with a slew of accessories, ranging from sanding sheets to a plastic case. It even has a solid 1-year manufacturer warranty. Cool!


As we have seen, there is a detail sander for everyone. The Black & Decker BDEMS600 is an ultra-low budget sander that still provides adequate performance while the pricier Bosch 1294VSK is an absolute beast when it comes to sanding.

For those who perform casual sanding on smaller surface and still require a powerful sander, we recommend the Ryobi One+ as it offers the best of both worlds – in terms of reliability and performance.

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