Rockwell RK5107K SoniCrafter

The RK5107K SoniCrafter from Rockwell is a multi-purpose tool that can cut, sand, polish and scrape a wide variety of materials including wood, fiberglass, masonry, plastic and some metals. The 73 piece kit includes every accessory you could ever need for jobs around the house or on-site. This tool features variable speeds and microsonic high-frequency oscillation technology that eliminates kickback while providing a smooth cutting, scraping or sanding action. A narrow-bodied design makes work in tight spaces easier.

Rockwell RK5107K
Everything You Need in One Tool

The SoniCrafter is a great way to effectively manage your project from start to finish. Its versatility is unparalleled, and whether you are a novice or a pro, the RK5107K will save you time on almost any repair, installation or remodeling job. The kit comes with a light, durable carrying case that gives you great portability.

The multi-purpose kit contains the variable speed tool, along with three cutting blades, and carbide grit blade, a finger sanding pad, 30 finger sanding sheets, a triangular sanding pad, 30 triangular sanding sheets, one polishing pad, one broad spectrum scraper, a triangular carbide grit rasp, a universal adapter, a vacuum adapter and a hex key. These tools are all you need to cut, sand, scrape or polish with incredible results.

All of these attachment can be used for just about any job. Remove old paint, caulking or rust with the scraper attachment. Doing tile work? Use the carbide grit blade to remove grout and score the tile with the optional diamond grit blade. The broad spectrum scraping blade can be used to cut carpeting, while the sanding attachments can take care of the wood underneath.

Microsonic High-Frequency Oscillation

The SoniCrafter's super high-frequency oscillation technology ensures safe accurate work every time. Instead of orbital rotations, the RK5107K makes up to 20,000 back-and-forth movements per minute, providing you with ultra-precise, ultra-smooth results. With no spinning parts or alternating blades, there is no chance whatsoever of kickback occurring.

Another great feature of the RK5107K is the advanced safety design of the blade attachments. The blades only cut through hard materials, meaning your hands and fingers will be safe should they hit the blade. These blades can cut through most materials, including wood, thin metals, fiberblass, masonry, plastic, carpet, some flooring, and even vinyl siding.

Sanding With the RK5107K

Sanding with a Sonicrafter is very enjoyable. Almost no downward pressure is needed, and smooth finishes in tight spots can be had with little effort. When using the RK5107K on edges and in corners, you will find that very little dust is produced, making cleanup simple. This is also true when cutting or scraping with the other attachments.

Ergonomic Design

The lightweight frame along with the soft grip of the RK5107K provides a comfortable working experience, even when using this tool for extended periods of time. A magnesium alloy gear housing is durable and rugged enough to last for many years.

Our Opinion of it

This machine has it all. It is durable, versatile, easy to use, and a fraction of the price of the popular Fein products. It can be used for just about any home improvement project, and will pay for itself many times over in no time at all. Many additional attachments are also available to purchase, so no job is out of reach for the RK5107K. Find out what everyone is raving about today and order the Rockwell RK5107K SoniCrafter for yourself.

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