Skil 7300-01 Octo Detail Sander

The 7300-01 Octo from Skil is a versatile sander that can provide a great finish to any surface. With eight versatile attachments, you will find a use for this small but powerful machine on just about every project. Remove paint, stain or varnish in even the smallest of places with the 7300-01.

Skil 7300-01
  • Sanding Versatility

The eight different attachments included are slot, finger, convex, flexibile, outside corner, inside corner, delta extension, and three position delta pad. Each pad is designed for a specific shape, and there is no surface that cannot be reached. Switching between attachments is a breeze. No tools are needed, the attachments come in and out with ease. 32 pieces of sandpaper are included in this kit to get you started.

  • Other Features

The Octo comes with a dust canister that keeps your work area clean. A soft grip handle makes sanding comfortable, even for extended periods of time. The The 7300-01 even features a built-in light for the dimly lit areas that detail sanders often find themselves in. The power switch is sealed from dust particles, ensuring this sander will last as long as possible. Along with the 7300-01 Octo Multi-Finish Sander and eight attachments comes 32 sandpaper sheets, and a canvas carrying bag.

  • Our Opinion of It

This detail sander provides the versatility to take a project from start to finish. It offers great ease of use and efficiency at a very competitive price. The tool-less attachments are a great bonus. Skil has a great reputation for quality products, and the 7300-01 Octo is no exception.

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